How You Can Help

Funding: we seek grant monies, corporate sponsorships and private donations.

Volunteering:  we seek artists, writers, musicians and thespians that want to donate their time with our Survivor groups that meet up to create.

Donations/Procurement: we seek new/used instruments (we can repair in-house), art supplies, food/beverages/snacks for meet-ups.

Spread The Word: we seek to create positive message memes that brand our efforts via Social Media.

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Project of Love Music:

A 501 ©(3) non-profit

“Our nation’s massive support of 'the cure' has greatly increased cancer survivability. Now more than ever those of us who are continuing to live through it, need to express ourselves so that others can more readily interact, engage and include us . There is life with and after cancer.”
Tracy E. Thomas, Project Of Love

Mission statement : Ongoing mission to promote the creation of original art, music, and film with those experiencing cancer.

Areas of focus
a continuous stream of content consisting of art, music, chemo advice,

songwriting techniques, creative writing tip and more. As well: House Concerts are the new forum for “music with message” and is the best platform for what we are trying to do.

Hopelocker – Survivor stories in their own words we produce using film, music, poems, etc

Rock Operaz - Using the medium of 1970’s Rock Opera albums, survivor, caregiver, friends and family can all play a role in developing the concept and communicating the story of survival. The end result is rock album of the survivor’s story. They can frame it or play it. The healing happens in the making.

Rustic Barn Sessions – Using the beautiful venue The Rustic Barn, we hold classes in the Arts open to the public creating and celebrating the art of survivors. Creation and exhibition in a comfortable setting.

1000 Ukes of light – Free ukuleles to survivors /caregivers and lessons at the Rustic Barn.


2014 & 2015 Entry Louisiana Film Prize: Stay Well My Friend, Stay Well & The Kiss
2014 & 2015 Entry Louisiana Music Prize:Top Local Group and Winner “Power Of The People” 2014 & 2015 supplied free ukuleles to Camp Koru
2014 Production & Promotion of Project Of Love CD: CHNGNF8


Funding for areas of focus- Short term: ukes, travel exp., production costs, etc. Long term: enhanced facilities, to grow and serve.


Tracy E. Thomas – Survivor & President // 318.218.6344