Want to host a project of love house concert?

It is super easy. It's FREE and always entertaining.



What happens at a POL House Concert?

I am a multi-instrumentalist who uses looping to continue playing an instrument once I set it down. I start off a set of original, improv music. I take in the people, the surroundings, the vibe and I create based on how all of those things make me feel.

Between songs, if it feels right, I'll share a little bit about my journey. I have been actively trying to out last metastatic kidney cancer, taking an oral chemotherapy (Pazopanib) now for 4 years. My discussions are light-hearted and are focused on how "creative spontaneity" can re-wire a mind that might otherwise be set on trying to "figure it all out".

I also incorporate those in attendance (willing to be bold and spontaneous) in creative games.


Who can host?  

Anyone may host. Typically it is someone that has themselves survived or acts as caregiver.